Press Release

Success is an INSIDE Job!

Story by: Bea Brave

Today I am interviewing the success story of Master Key Experience graduate Lisa and her husband Troy.  As I waited in the living room of Troy and Lisa’s home, I began to understand what BLISS feels like, as the sun streamed in lovingly from the floor to ceiling windows while I melted into the deep-blue velvet armchair which feels like a warm hug.  My senses are put into the Zen zone with the subtle sweet, beautiful aroma of something diffusing and I am assuming this heavenly smell must be the essential oils from their successful Young Living business.  Now I am thinking, whatever those oils are I must have some of them in my bag before I leave today.

Blue Velvet Bliss

It is the middle of autumn and even though it is chilly outside the room feels warm and cozy but luxurious with thanks to the gentle rising under-floor heating and the wood fireplace crackling with the perfect amount of even heat- the outside comes in with uninterrupted views of nature at it best on their scenic and serene property.  This room is clearly one of the most loved and used rooms in their home evident of their sweet cat Tinki sitting nestled close to the fireplace snuggling peacefully. 

My mind starts to relax and I start to take in the feeling of calm and bliss and in that moment I am jolted back to my purpose and the reason I am here by the trialling end of laughter from kitchen and into the hall as Lisa and Troy re-entered the room, they smile at me with happiness not only in their smile but in their eyes, and are followed by their adorable Golden Retriever – Bear.

Lisa is carrying our freshly made coffee and homemade biscuits on mid-century mirrored Murano glass serving tray with odd matching cups holding our coffees, mine a clear glass latte cup, Troy’s a majestic elephant and Lisa’s a “fabulous sister” cup.   Lisa’s skin looked radiant from laughing and she is dress comfortably in her Yoga pants and mid length jacket and her cream knee height Ugg boots with a cute pom-poms.  Troy is looking relaxed and handsome in his navy golf pants, collared salmon golf shirt, navy stylishly quilted vest and in his own navy mid-calf Ugg boots.   Now, no judgement here with the Ugg boots focus, particularly because I myself was feeling super comfortable in the house fluffy slippers I was offered at the front door when I arrived –  which I secretly hoped would make their way into my bag before I leave.

Coffee Bliss

Troy smiles like we are old friends indicates to my coffee and asks “Sugar Bea?”.  I acknowledge with “Yes, two please”.  Troy adds the sugar and stirs my coffee with a tinkling on the side of the cup every time the spoon hits the side.      Lisa smiles knowingly and her eyes light up as she watches him enjoying one of his idiosyncrasies.  Just watching the two of them and feeling the energy and love they have for each other makes even me, a cynic of mushy stuff, feel joy just watching the mutual love and respect they have for each other and the positive and uplifting energy which fills the room.

As we start to drink our coffee Lisa smiles and says “Well, welcome to our home again Bea, tell us a bit us about you and what you love to do?”  I am a little set back from the question as I was there to interview them, and to be honest, not many people had asked me any personal questions during my entire 17 years of being a journalist.  The next 10 minutes flew by as we talked about me… I felt them listening, I felt them really listening as observers, and with purpose to find out what was important to me, and the more I talked the more comfortable I felt around them.  I suddenly realised, HEY… this is how this magnetic and successful couple had achieved their success, they genuinely care about other people and every fibre of their being was in tune to making other people feel confident and empowered.

The truth be known, the only reason we stopped talking about me was because Bear picked up what I now know was his favourite toy –  a Pink Flamingo (a stuffed anima)l and sat it on my lap and stood  swaggering making a ‘rrrrrrrrr’ noise his head going one way, his hips going another and his tail wagging 100 miles an hour.  Troy saying “Yes Bear ..Bea wants to meet Lingo – Good Boy – back on your Bed”.  Bear responded by looking back at Troy with his adoring puppy dog brown eyes and sat down at Troy’s feet,  but not before first doing 5 clockwise turns, plopping down with a loud sigh and with lingo rested perfectly under his chin like a loved pillow, before closing is eyes to go back to sleep.  Troy and Lisa laugh and smile at each other knowingly with evident love for their clever, cheeky boy.

I finally get focused and change gears, even though I must admit talking about myself, with them intently listening to me, made me feel good.  I knew I had to get back to the task at hand because as soon as I got back in my car my editor insisted I call him to find out why and how another graduate of the “Master Key Experience” was so successful.   He wanted the scoop and wanted the Headline that every News outlet around the GLOBE wanted.

So I start … “Thank you for your time, I know you guys have a busy schedule and I understand Troy is flying you both to a winery later this afternoon to stay for the long weekend which sounds AMAZING!” 

“Yes we are grateful to be able to get away for a long week every couple of months to visit some of our favourite spots and see new places with family and friends, just a small part of the gift the Master Key Experience has afforded us.” Troy said. 

“It has been 7 years since you graduated from the Master Key Experience – first why did you decide to start with the program?”

They look at each other locking eyes and smile, it is weird and envying the connection of knowing they had between each other, they appeared to be in tune with each other, and they are always smiling – my cynic mind side said – ‘what is up with these two? It must be something in that diffuser – filtering the air like some type of pheromone’ then my observing and non-judgement mind said ‘this is genuine connection and bliss in front of me – and hey, even if it created from that diffuser, I don’t care, I want & I NEED some!!’.

Lisa begins, “The main reason was to get connected to our true purpose and own it”.

 “Interesting, why did you feel you needed to do that?”  I add.

“For me, I felt like I was in constant reactive mode, reacting to every situation, every email, every social media post and it was not sitting well with me.  I was having the same day with the same results repeatedly and it made me feel unsettled, like I was not serving me or my life’s purpose.”  Troy added “… Like a ground hog day!”   As I listened I thought to myself I know that exactly feeling.

I ask “So do you think you would have the lifestyle and success you have today without you graduating from the MKE program?

They both say together “No!”  

Lisa adds “Prior to MKE we both knew how to set SMART goals, write affirmations, connect with our whys.  Don’t get me wrong, we had definitely enjoyed varying success in our lives but our bad habits would creep back in.  MKE took us to a deep dive of our subconscious mind and helped us create the Blueprint we wanted moving forward in our lives.  Basically, what did we want our lives to look like, how did we want to live.  Ultimately MKE took us to another level and delivered 1000 times the success than we ever dreamed of.” 

I notice my self-edging closer to the edge of my seat, not wanting to miss a word they were saying and asked, “What benefits has the MKE had on lives and in your relationships?”

Troy explains “It has created an incredible positive change in our lives, the most important was strengthening our relationship with each other.  It instilled a CLEAR vision of what we want to achieve and what we wanted and gave us laser focus.  As a result, it was the catalyst for our business growth, and now our financial freedom”.   Troy continues “MKE was like we opened the doors in our minds and hearts to expect and accept more for ourselves and when we did, we found more doors opening and opportunities flowing into our lives”.

I start to stand up in readiness to leave and say “Well thank you so much for sharing your success story with me this morning, but, before I go I have to ask you one more thing…what is the AMAZING oil you have diffusing in your diffuser?  I have to have it.” We all laugh.

By the time I leave I am the newest member of Young Living Essential Oils, I have the web address to join the next MKE program, I have the gift of the fluffy house slippers in my bag and I am ready to call my husband and tell him I love him.. my Editor can WAIT!