Week 13 – Keep Calm – You have Karma!!!

How sweet (and scary at the same time, especially if your giving does not serve you) is it to know we get back EXACTLY what we give, whether it is good, bad, or otherwise? And …we receive back what we GIVE 100-fold!!!

The Law of Karma is also known as the Law of Causation (one of the natural laws).  Hannel says the Law of Causation is “the thing pictured upon our mind eventually becomes our own”, and according to the theory, Karma is about a cycle where every cause has an effect. 

Giving, can take form via our thoughts (the cause), that evolve (into the effect) via our words, and our actions.

So, first; you must give out strength to be strong, you must give out love to receive love, you must forgive others to be forgiven, you must give out positivity to be positive, you must give out care to receive care. 

On the flip side, when you think and give out energy of doubt, you will attract doubtfulness, when you give out negativity you attract negativity, when give out pessimistic thoughts, you attract pessimism, when you give out feelings of hate and resentment, you receive hate and resentment back from others, when you give out and show bitterness you receive bitterness back, when you show lack of confidence within yourself – you basically receive a vote of NO confidence for others.

Long and short of it, if you do not want it in your life, then the number 1 rule is, DO NOT think it, because what you give out, you get back 100-fold!!

If you want to follow your heart’s desire keep your giving of Happiness and Harmony in giving at ALL times.

Remember … Keep calm, you have KARMA – and YOU are in control of achieving your HEARTS Desire!

Love & Belief Lisa xo

5 thoughts on “Week 13 – Keep Calm – You have Karma!!!”

  1. Lisa, good for you for realizing YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF ACHIEVING YOUR HEART’S DESIRE. From your blog rover friend John.


  2. Thanks for the great reminder! It is always good to be reminded that we are responsible for what we think about. Thinking about what we want, as if we already have it, creates such a wonderful emotion of joy and bliss, why would I do anything else. Thank you, again, for the great reminder. Peace!


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