Week 12~ Sharpen the Axe Within!

Precision, Laser Focus, Definitive. When you think about it, everything we do or do not do, is; making a decision, which as a result, is either moving us forward or backwards. The irony of NOT making a decision, should not be lost.  Because as you know, NO decision is of course a decision in itself. To get what we really want there is NO room for passive spectatorship and unclear focus. Hannel says “your ideal must be SHARP, clear cut, definite”, to not decide, or to change our minds, or to flit from one thing to another is setting ourselves up for CHAOS and for failure to achieving our ideals and our vision. I know personally when this feeling starts creeping in for me… which some of you might relate too.  I feel scattered, negativity creeps in, doubt creeps in, I am susceptible to distraction, I feel overwhelmed, stressed, a little anxious and confused and we all know confused people do nothing and stall and stop and yep go BACKWARDS!! In those moments, the key is to refocus and SHARPEN the AXE within – and remember what and why you are in this BEAUTIFUL world and CLAIM YOUR BLISS. 5 Tips to Ditch to achieve more BLISS:
  1. Chasing the NEXT fad.
  2. Comparing yourself to others.
  3. Believing the opinions of other people’s which are contrary to your ideal life.
  4.  Negative thinking and all negative talk.
  5.  Believing others can provide you with the BLISS you feel you are missing.
5 Tips to LIVE your BLISS Life:
  1. DECIDE what your Ideal/Bliss life looks like, what do your ideal; friends, family, career, health, and wealth look LIKE. – Be SPECIFIC!
  2. Trusting, acting, and believing you have ALL the POWER WITHIN you to achieve your BLISS.
  3. SHARPEN your vision and keep your ideal/bliss life in front of you hourly –using all your senses: audio, visual, smell and kinaesthetic – set an alarm if you must.
  4. Be grateful, be positive and act with love.  Hannel says “Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible”
  5. Fall deeply and passionately in LOVE with the journey.
Believe you have the POWER to LIVE your BLISS and sharpen the AXE within! Love & Belief Lisa xo

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