Week 11 – Naps or Persist!

One week blended into another for me over the last couple of weeks, I had some personal things come-up, my work was cray cray, I had yogi goals of increasing my session times, Christmas decorations and shopping where calling my name, my DMP needed review, and in general, my house was a disaster zone and I felt I had a to-do-list longer than Santa’s sleigh and growing…

These last two blogs were late, and the tasks set over the last couple of weeks where a blur and I felt like I was on the platform at the train station running down the train with my arms waving aghast, my face hot and flustered and me out of breath as it sped away tooting merrily -not missing a beat. 

A heaviness and overwhelming feeling started to creep in and every time I thought about what I had and wanted to do I seriously want to take a NAP.. like anywhere I was, in the supermarket, on the front lawn, on the floor of my office.  Seriously I was needed some major talking too or something.

The choices were clear, choice one: – Throw-in towel, (I could hear my negative self-talk creep in saying well you missed the deadline why bother keep going?  And to boot, you are falling too far behind and got other more important things to do! And just go and take a nap already!!

Or choice two:  Persist – RUN the race YOU want to run – pick up, adjust, dust off, delete the old blueprint, move forward, PERSIST, and get on with the job and WIN!

Obviously because you are reading this, the chosen option of PERSIST won and realised it was just a slow down for a speed bump, nothing more.

 So, let me share 5 things I learnt to GOT me to the PERSIST point:

  1. Keep focused on what was is MOST important – delete negative self-talk at all costs
  2. START – once you do the hardest part is done
  3. FOCUS on ONE task at a time
  4. Do it for YOU – NO one ELSE but YOU – Because ultimately it benefits everyone else around you

Disclaimer: I LOVE naps generally – just not when they are not taken as an Avoidance device- haha!!!.


Love & Belief Lisa xo

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