Week 10 – Wishing is NOT Enough!

Till now the focus has been concentrated on the premise of the Seven Laws of the mind – Law of Substitution – Law of Relaxation – Law of Practice – Law of Forgiveness – Law of Dual Thought – Law of Subconscious – Law of Growth.

So, the POWER behind – what you think you become; YOU are what YOU think YOU are.  A dive into mind matters like; swapping out negative thoughts for positive ones, forgiving completely, learning to relax and control the mind and understanding what we think about grows.!   Completely empowering and stuff most of us know BUT do not really APPLY!

I must say, week 10 bought me relief and the realization I am in the right place in the Master Key Experience.  Why?  It affirmed that just having knowledge of the alone of the Universal Laws and wishing and hoping our lives could/would be a certain way was NOT ENOUGH!! 

Knowledge does not apply itself – knowing what we need to do to make our fairy-tale come true, our vision to fruition, or make our dharma or life’s purpose magically happen.  It MUST have the application of the knowledge – bringing the knowledge into ACTION.

Most of us we know innately the POWER of these LAWS and even think we believe them, BUT do we APPLY them? Do we put them into action? And do we carry them out as they were intended?    

Because when we do APPLY the KNOWLEDGE that is truly when the MAGIC happens as it allows us to SHINE BRIGHT and be STRONG and Beautiful!

Love & Belief Lisa xo

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