Like most people, it completely fascinates me when two people can receive the same information and yet feel COMPLETELY different about it.

It makes me think of the evolved story of two brothers and horse manure.  One version of the story is the where the father of the brothers wants to share a surprise with them, so he takes them to barn and opens the door to the stall which is full of manure and says “SURPRISE!!”!  One of the brothers gets angry and starts to yell and cry and storms off angry at his father for being so nasty and cold.  The other brother is ELATED, gleeful and grateful and hugs his father thanking him. His father asks him why he is so happy.  With light and love in his eyes the other brother says– “with all this manure Pa, there must be a PONY somewhere!”

Sure, being different is what makes the us all unique and special, the critical questions here is can we still be unique and special without any of our nagging negative self-talk and pessimist responses?  And can our pessimist attitudes be changed?

I think, the answer is YES and YES.

We harvest what we SOW!!

If we plant a poisonous/toxic seed, we will get a poisonous toxic plant.  The same of course is true for our MIND.  What we think and speak about, we bring about. 

Most of you will have heard this statement before – “if someone (including ourselves) tells us something (detrimental or positive) often enough, we start believing it”.  This is TRUE, for once it passes the conscious mind test (and passes the gatekeeper) and we accept it as warranted (as fact) we have granted it an automatic entry to our subconscious mind which manifests it as a belief. 

According to Emmet Fox the Law of Subconscious means our subconscious mind is working ALL the time even when while we are asleep manifesting what we have fed it from our conscious mind.  Thoughts either positive or negative have passed the gate keeper test and we have allowed it into our subconscious mind which in turn makes it a FACT, makes it GOSPEL and makes it TRUE.  The subconscious mind does not know if it true or false in reality– it simply trusts fully and irrevocable what the conscious mind has accepted and does everything in its power to carry out the request and belief.

What this means, is we talk ourselves into EVERYTHING via our habits which become addictive because of our compounding self-talk (good, bad or ugly) which happens every second of every hour of everyday.   

The good NEWS is, we have control of our DESTINY!!  BOOM!!!!


If we want positive BLISS, it is time to check our vocabulary.

Delete saying or thoughts that sound like:Substitute with saying and thoughts of:
I am disorganised and always run late, I cannot help it.I love to be organised to be the best I can be, and I am always early to appointments.
I always date losersI attract love and a partner who has the same values as me.
I eat or drink when I am stressedI love to go for a walk and repeat my positive affirmations when I feel stressed.
I am bad with moneyI make successful decisions about creating my financial wealth.
I don’t have timeI make it a priority to make time for the things that are important to achieving my BLISS.

SIMPLE yet effective.  If we want to change what you are getting in life, we MUST change what we are doing.

“If you wish to change your conditions you must change yourself”.   Hannel.

Feed & Water your BLISS Affirmations:

“The way to fight darkness is with light — the way to fight cold is with heat — the way to overcome evils is with good. For myself, I never could find any help in denials. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish” Frederick Elias Andrews

Speak to yourself daily, and then some, as if you are living your BEST LIFE and living your BLISS ~ ALWAYS!!

Remember…“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” Frederick Elias Andrews

The truth is, we all have the Golden ticket within us to create the BEST possible chance to have the BLISS and success we want, and we deserve, so what are you waiting for,  DO it NOW!

Love & Belief Lisa xo

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