Week 2 – Digging Deep

Hello week 2 of the Master Key Experience!! 

This week stretched me emotionally and mentally more than I expected, for most of the week, mainly due to the combination of the deep dive into my “Definite Major Purpose” (like the Blueprint to your life) and a chore to be completed by the end of the week.

I choose the task of cleaning and decluttering my office/spare bedroom, it is ‘that’ room or cupboard or draw that you avoid at all costs, because it is chaos!! 

It is the room I had thrown anything and everything into and I literally needed to move items to get from one side of the room to the other.  You can probably also picture my office chair piled high with ‘stuff’ which at any stage could have toppled accidently killing an innocent large spider in the process😳 . 

Since we moved-in, I have always avoided dealing with this room, and it has never had a permanent solution of not being a junk room.  My subconscious initially agonised about the chore to get it organised and complained to myself I did not have enough room to be organised. 

Naturally, my subconscious mind was acting out the story I was telling it.  “It is agonising I didn’t have enough room – so run, avoid it, it will be painful avoid it”.

Our reality is the story we have created in our own minds and what we think as “factual” in our real life, whether it is, or NOT! This applies to EVERYTHING we do, not just a chore, but how we see our most precious relationships and future success.

So how do you know when your subconscious mind is trying to take you back to a BAD habit?  Start observing yourself, LOOK out for the signs you are resisting or questioning negatively, look for procrastination, look to see if you are rationalising your current BAD habit.

You are trying to resist about 4 Billion neurons telling you “hey steady down on this creating NEW Good Habits thing, you not going anywhere, come back here to your BAD habits, were you belong”.    

Self-awareness is the biggest asset to ensure your subconscious mind does not continue to sabotage you and what you want to achieve, whether it is a small task or your life’s purpose.

This week, we were equipped with a simple, quirky, and effective tool of reading flash cards to shock our subconscious into action and for me create new good habit.   

As soon as I stopped listening to what my old subconscious was telling me, it was like a weight was lifted, I felt so light and I got on with the job. I knew I couldn’t make the room bigger so got rid of items I didn’t need and made a place so everything had its own place (it is not perfect) but now, it is a joy to walk into, once it was done, I celebrated and it felt good.  Bad habits like bad attitudes and toxic thinking weigh us down and need to be shown the door immediately!!

Now we know the signs of how the subconscious mind is trying to sabotage us stay with our old habits (which do not serve us) and have the tools on how to change them – for the better.

My deeper dive into my Definite Major Purpose also challenged me (ultimately in a GOOD way), because of the Mastermind alliance, a concept originally created by Napoleon Hill as a way of improving your life in all areas. 

The Mastermind alliance within this course takes any usual development of your goals, affirmations and even everyday ‘to do lists’, to the next level because there is at least a second person involved to question what you PRECISELY and SPECIFICALLY want in your life.  The mastermind alliance is like having a “one-on-one” coach who questions YOU on the specific detail and about the feelings you will have and the sacrifices you will have to make to achieve your “Definite Major Purpose”. 

It feels EMPOWERING, because for me, it is making my purpose crystal clear. 

Time to bring on week 3. 

Love and Belief,

Lisa x

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