Master Key Experience – Week 1 – The Adventure Begins…

Okay, let me paint the picture… So nearly a week ago I started this thing… this course… this experience. The moment I first heard about it; it got my attention. You know those moments when the hairs stand up on your arms and back of your neck, it is like a ‘knowing’, like the universe calling your name and telling you to pay attention, to stop, to assess, like giving you a sign to decide whether you are going to open the door and go inside or just stand outside and watch as a spectator.  The more I heard about the course, the more I started to involuntarily nod my head, a sure sign I need to fling the door open.  So I DIVED-in and committed to the course, I did the things required to qualify (which were simple).  Once I decide this would be a good thing for me and my life, I enthusiastically invited (forced… she might say 😂) a friend to join my adventure.  “You should do this Master Key Experience program with me” I said, “It will be FUN” I said.  After watching the introduction videos and nodding her head too, my friend (Mel) decided to jump in too.  I am EXCITED I have a running Buddy, so we could support each other as we navigate the next 1/2 year ahead.  

The first weekly webinar of 26 webinars, started last Monday at ‘what time is it’ o’clock – yep EARLY – still ringing in my ears at this pre-rooster hour in the morning was my words to Mel of “It will be FUN” 😁.  In earnest, I didn’t care how early in the morning it was, I was really looking forward to starting.  I had the feeling you get, when you feel really EXCITED about something life changing that is about to happen. The 1st webinar was filled with all you needed to know about the week ahead and I loved all the information – admittedly I only got a third of the information but was able to catch up on the replay. My mind was abuzz with possibilities.

Everything is earned in life and this course is no different, and I know it is going to take sacrifices (time to do required homework that was usually dedicated to my favourite Netflix show🤔 – totally doable), and like all new things, it is stretching me but stretching me to be better & I am loving every moment.

The focus this week has been to create our “Definite Major Purpose” – specifically and precisely.  This forms the NEW Blueprint we want for our life.  It is like a MAJOR goal dissection with specific & precise affirmations melded into one and is all about drilling down, all with the support of a personal guide to steer me in the right direction. WOW! 

The task I am enjoying the most is the NO tech and love the reading before bed rule… POWERFUL!! I can’t wait to share more about my journey with the MKE (Master Key Experience) course with you as the weeks unfold.

Love and Belief,

Lisa x   

“Believe in you, like you believe in the person you LOVE the most”

5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 1 – The Adventure Begins…”

  1. I love your writing style and your enthusiasm! Congrats on starting the course and all your work so far! I love how you made the decision to DIVE in, in spite of the time difference, etc! I look forward to seeing how your journey unfolds!

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